Microsoft Celebrates Christmas with Windows 7 Family Pack Limited Pilot in Australia

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Microsoft Celebrates Christmas with Windows 7 Family Pack Limited Pilot in Australia

Microsoft is making available limited stock of Family Pack in Australia – entitling consumers to three upgrade licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium for $249 (RRP)

Sydney, Australia, 30 November, 2009 - Microsoft is making Christmas shopping for the family easier this year with a limited pilot of Windows 7 Family Pack beginning 1 December 2009, only while stocks last. The Family Pack provides three licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade in 32-bit or 64-bit for a recommended retail price (RRP) of AUD$249*.

“We listened to the feedback from our customers and we are very pleased to announce that we are piloting Family Pack in Australia as part of our Christmas offers,” said Jeff Putt, Windows Consumer Lead, Microsoft Australia. “Windows 7 makes it easier for people to do the things they want on their PC, so we’re excited to make it even easier for our customers to upgrade their PC’s at home to Windows 7 by providing this fantastic offer.”

Windows 7 Home Premium provides a great entertainment experience on your PC. Customers will find easier ways to connect to other PCs and devices, all in a visually rich environment that makes everyday use simpler and more engaging.

Glenn O’Neil, Head of Buying and Marketing, Dick Smith Australian and New Zealand said, “Family Pack offers a new level of value and we’re delighted to be part of the limited pilot – we feel our customers will respond well to the offer. Because Family Pack lets you upgrade three home PCs to Windows 7 Home Premium, customers will be able to unlock the easier networking features of Windows 7 and move the family to the latest Microsoft technology, while also getting a great deal.”

With Windows 7 Home Premium you can create a HomeGroup to share all of your favourite photos, videos and music with other PCs running Windows 7. Through HomeGroup, PCs running Windows 7 can automatically identify and connect with each other. Once a HomeGroup is established, sharing devices and media throughout your home is easy. For example, the printer in your study is shared automatically with the other PCs in your home, and digital photos stored on a computer in your family room can be easily accessed from a laptop anywhere in your home.

In addition, Windows 7 Home Premium features advanced window navigation and personalisation with several new improvements to Microsoft Aero® desktop. Finally, customers will benefit from Remote Media Streaming and improved options for different media formats.

Microsoft is also announcing a limited offer for customers who may have already purchased three upgrade licenses to Windows 7 Home Premium prior to 30 November. Eligible customers will qualify for three complimentary Wireless Comfort Desktops, each featuring a wireless keyboard and mouse set. To see if they qualify**, customers should contact Microsoft Customer Service on 13 20 58.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack will only be available at the following participating Australian retailers, while stocks last: Betta Electrical, Bing Lee, David Jones, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Myer, Officeworks, Retravision, The Good Guys, WOW Sight and Sound.

Jeff Putt, Windows Consumer Lead, Microsoft Australia

* Recommended Retail Price. Actual retail price is set by the retailer.

**Acceptable proof of purchase to qualify for the three complimentary Wireless Comfort Desktops will be a single receipt showing the purchase of three Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade licenses in a single transaction or up to three receipts showing the purchase of separate Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade licenses that were transacted on the same credit card. Receipts must be dated prior to November 30, 2009.

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  1. Roddy in Sydney says:

    About time to Australia be part of the MS packages. I hope that the piloting program get enormous success so Australia can permanently be in the loop.

  2. jim says:

    Its a pity that as usual your average system builder with a small outlet is cut out from a product that could do very well in that sector. An excellent product idea but as usual only the big guys get a shot at making any money

  3. Terry Anderson says:

    I only recently purchased a single licenced Windows 7 from JB Hi Fi (Indooroopily, Brisbane). I have a home network and specifically asked about Family Packs being available. I was told they aren’t available, even if they would be you still have to purchase 3 licences (ie 3 times a single package). So it is great it is now available, but I am extremely disappointed at the lack of info available to staff when I purchased. Great software though. My 9yr old still has to use XP Home though.

  4. Booklover says:

    Love the idea of the family pack!

    Does it allow you to turn up to BBQ’s in the park with a ‘Lovebook’? Obviously it would have to be stealthy so your friends wouldn’nt notice and cronicaly take the micky?

  5. information says:

    Amazing! US149.00 = AU$249.00 – magic rate of exchange, that one, eh?

    Is somebody being ripped off?

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