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Posted by Brandon LeBlanc:
I’d like to offer up a little insight into the “Release to Manufacturing” (RTM) for Windows 7.

Over the past week, there have been many rumors surrounding RTM.

We are close, but have not yet signed off on Windows 7. When we RTM you will most certainly hear it here. As we’ve said all along, we will RTM Windows 7 when it’s ready. As previously stated, we expect Windows 7 to RTM in the 2nd half of July.

Windows 7 will be available in many languages from around the world. For us to consider RTM “done”, it requires that all languages be completely finished. So there is a lot of work that needs to take place for us to finalize all languages of Windows 7. We also need to get to a point of “global readiness” with our partners. Our partners being ready for Windows 7 is extremely important to RTM. As Steven Sinofsky mentions in this blog post in May, RTM isn’t a single point in time. It’s the beginning of the next “process” for Windows 7. At RTM our partners begin their final preparations for Windows 7, including testing and building images for new PCs. RTM is essentially the final “stage” of engineering for Windows 7 before it hits the market at General Availability (GA). As Steven notes, engineering continues on Windows 7 from RTM until GA on October 22nd.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when we do a specific build internally of Windows 7 we have an extensive step-by-step validation process to ensure quality. This process takes time. Just because a single build may have “leaked” it does not signal the completion of a milestone such as RTM. As always, don’t believe everything that you read on the Internet - except this post ;-).

Everyone is super excited about this version of Windows. I continue to get a ton of questions about some of the things that happen after we RTM. I would like to answer some of those questions:

Once Windows 7 is complete, how do I get it?

The answer depends on who you are:

  • MSDN & TechNet Subscribers: Subscribers will be able to download the final version of Windows 7 a few weeks after we announce RTM.
  • Volume License (VL) Customers: As announced today by Bill Veghte during his WPC09 keynote, Windows 7 will be available to Volume License customers on September 1st.
  • Consumers, Enthusiasts, & Beta Testers (Everyone else): The retail version of Windows 7 will be available in stores October 22nd. If you pre-ordered Windows 7, it should be delivered sometime around the October 22nd timeframe (depends on the retailer). You can pre-order Windows 7 today through many online retailers like the Microsoft Store.
  • On New PCs: OEMs are expected to start shipping new PCs with Windows 7 pre-installed on them around October 22nd.

Can I continue to use the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) until I receive the RTM version?

Yes, you can continue to use the RC until it expires on June 1st, 2010 (expiration starts March 1, 2010 – this is when the reboots start – final expiration on June 1). Please note that “in-place” (or direct) upgrades from the Windows 7 RC to RTM will not be supported. You will be required to do a Custom installation (aka “clean install”).

I am a TechNet or MSDN subscriber. Will I get a product key?

MSDN and TechNet subscribers, as well as Volume License customers will have access to product keys (PIDs) when Windows 7 is made available to them. Product keys for Windows 7 RTM will be different than the product keys used for Windows 7 Beta and the release candidate. Windows 7 Beta or RC product keys *will not* work with Windows 7 RTM.

I am using one of the so-called “leaked” builds of Windows 7, how will I know if it is the real deal?

As always, beware of what you download. There are many bogus copies of Windows 7 floating around the Internet. More often than not, they contain a rather nice malware payload. And don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. When Windows 7 hits RTM, it will be announced here. Until that happens, any builds you are likely to see on the web are either not the final bits or are laced with malicious code.

How do I get a 64-bit copy of Windows 7?

The Upgrade and Full packaged retail product of Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate will come with both 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs. With Windows Vista, the 64-bit version was only available with Windows Vista Ultimate. Due to the incredible adoption of 64-bit today and customer feedback, we decided to change this for Windows 7. Now all copies of Windows 7 in developed markets will ship with both 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs.

I want to emphasize that delivering Windows 7 at the highest quality possible is the biggest criteria we have for hitting RTM. Our top focus is a super high quality release of Windows first and foremost.

Thanks, and check back soon for more Windows 7 news.

Still have questions about Windows 7? Leave your questions below as I have several colleagues here in Redmond waiting to answer any question Windows 7 related you might have.

Comments (11)

  1. Great. Thanks for the information.



  2. shawn says:

    Its the best operating system I have seen  in awhile.

    can’t wait for the RTM.

  3. Chris says:

    Agree with you, Shawn. Very much looking forward to Windows 7.  I will be checking out both 32 and 64 bit versions.

  4. Troy M says:

    Thanks for the update and keep up the fantastic work. The beta/RC upgrades has almost been flawless. I keep having to check if i am actually on 64-bit (which i am) because the RC just runs that good!

    Youc an bet i will be buying ultimate on Oct22. And if the beta/RC is already faster than vista is, what does that say for the olished product at the end? 😉

  5. eightbitzme says:

    how to a get a copy of the 7rm updates>

    tks and regards,


  6. paul says:

    It’s the 2nd half of july, and still no word. Any chance you can leak updates from within the inner circle.

  7. Damien Kearns says:

    Not sure why action pack subscribers have to wait till after Technet subscribers for there copy since they have gone downloadable.

    MAP customers have to wait another 3 weeks! Go figure!!

  8. Simon says:

    I have heard Technet subscribers can download the RTM on 6 Apr.  Thats today and it’s not up – what is the expected timeframe for aussie Technet subscribers to get it?  Thanks – can’t wait

  9. Gary says:

    waiting for the action pack version, I need a new PC so bad I almost bought a mac the other day!

  10. suraj kiran says:

    I am using Windows 7 RC 7100.

    I am not able to understand the following:-

    1)What is General Availability(GA),RTM and RC.

    2)Will GA or RTM has an expiry dates like RC.

    3)Will Windows 7 GA will be available for download in Microsoft website like Windows 7 RC.

                   Please first tell me which one DOES NOT have an EXPIRY DATE.GA or RTM.

                                                     Thank you

  11. colleen says:

    My brother is sending me Windows 7 family pack from the US.  Will it work here in oz?

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