Some of the changes in Windows 7 Release Candidate

The Engineering Windows 7 Blog has outlined some of the changes in Windows 7 Release Candidate. Here is the list, check out their blog for more information. Looks like there are some direct changes from what Beta testers have been requesting.

Aero Peek triggered from Windows Flip (ALT+TAB)

Desktop Experience
1. Windows Flip (ALT + TAB) with Aero Peek
2. Windows Logo + <#> keyboard shortcut
3. Needy State
4. Taskbar “Open With”
5. Taskbar scaling
6. Anchoring taskbar thumbnails
8. Jump List length
9. Increased pinning flexibility with Jump List
10. Desktop icon and gadget view options
11. Aero Peek for touch
12. Multi-touch touch keyboard
13. Multi-touch right-click
14. Drag/Drop and selection
15. Internet access feedback
Control Panel
16. User Account Control
17. Locking a machine without a screensaver
18. Faster access to High Performance power plan
19. Custom theme improvements
Windows Media Player
20. Improved Internet Radio playback
21. Improved playback support for video content from digital camcorders and cameras
22. Cleaner Now Playing view
23. Filtering content that cannot be played
24. Resume from sleep
25. Quieting Windows Media Player sync relationships
26. Easier access to advanced settings
27. Jump List improvement
Device Stage
28. Enriching the Device Stage ecosystem
Sound UX
29. Improving the headphone experience
30. Increased audio reliability
Windows Explorer and Libraries
31. Improved header
32. Reduced confusion with drag/drop
33. Reviving familiar entry points
34. FAT32 support
35. Arrangement view enhancements
36. Improving performance through data

Comments (2)

  1. Steve_OS says:


    Grumbles with Windows 7

    Microsoft the dummies placed the show desktop icon way over the right hand side of the screen ..why change something that is familiar? No need for the change!!

    In XP, IP config is but 2 clicks away, in XP/7 its open network and sharing center …more clicks away.

    Windows 7 still won’t let the user CHOOSE what apps to cache. GRRR.

    It still looks like VISTA = YUK!

    Windows Explorer UI is woeful ..what about just icons along the top, or a dual pane Explorer?

    And the ‘black screen of death’ the 1 – 2 second screen blank for the UAC prompt! grrrrrrrowl


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