Check out the new Windows Mobile 6.5

If you have been following the Mobile World Congress 2009 you will have seen the the new Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.  There is a totally revamped User Interface and a new rich web browsing experience. There are two new services called My Phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

The new “Honeycomb” Interface

New Internet Explorer Mobile which supports Adobe Flash Lite

My Phone (currently available in a limited invitation-only beta) will allow you to access, manage and back up your personal information on the device straight to the web.  This is cool if you upgrade devices, you wont lose all your contacts, appointments and text messages!  You will also be able to upload photos and videos to the My Phone service.

Backing up all your contacts through My Phone

Your snaps and vids can be uploaded to the My Phone service





Ill keep you updated with the availability of these devices in Australia. I cant wait to get my hands on one of these devices!

Comments (7)

  1. itproaustralia says:


    No word on ROM updates

  2. DJShotty says:

    From a HTC Touch Pro WM6.1 user,

    I’m only interested if it’ll run on my Raphael.

  3. Malcolm Leckie says:


    will there be an upgrade from WM6 for my HTC p3600i  ?

  4. Ricardo Augusto says:

    how i get a invitation to use My phone beta?

  5. Roberto Francesconi says:

    Not trying to troll here!!!

    I think Microsoft should concentrate more on the kernel and dev tools and leave it to hardware vendors such as HTC (Touch Flo) etc to create custom and nicer GUI’s they do a better job!

    Plus nicer dev tools with more modern control etc would allow avergae devs (like me) to really create some powerful stuff!

    In addition … Windows 6.5 from what I seen is a desperate stop gap measure and wmo 7 is promised next year!

    I ended using SPB shell for my tytnII even though it is a little flawed it’s still faster and more useful than current offerings!

    MS were really caught with their pants down 🙁

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