Ferrari will test-drive HPC Server 2008

Being a huge fan of Ferrari, it was good to see Ferrari working with Microsoft in its automotive engineering, design, and development process with HPC Server 2008.

"Ferrari is always looking for the most advanced technical solutions, and of course the same applies for software and engineering," said Piergiorgio Grossi, head of information systems at the Ferrari Racing Department.

"We are always scouting new technologies that can give us a competitive advantage. Windows HPC Server 2008 is very promising, and [Microsoft's] long-lasting collaboration with Ferrari will give directions to develop a fast, familiar, high-performance computing platform for our users, engineers and administrators."

"The car evolves during the racing season, and we use different packages for different races," said Grossi. "We're working to 2 p.m. Sunday deadlines for each Formula 1 race, and as such our use of HPC Server is quite peculiar -- our servers run 24/7, and reliability and productivity is as important to us as power."

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