Samsung i617T Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone, $0 on a $30 Plan

New revamped design

The first thing you will notice with the i617T is the glossy black body of the phone and the silver accent on the side, it looks good!  It has a QWERTY keyboard which has various quick launch keys for camera, mail and browser. The D-Pad also acts as a spinning jog wheel which is helpful for scrolling through web pages, documents and email.

It has all the standard features you expect with a Windows Mobile phone such as Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, 2.4” QVGA Screen, HSDPA Support, 2.0 MP Camera and supports Quad Band.

QWERTY Keyboard makes life easier

The phone features the new Windows Mobile 6.1 interface which is really fluid. Check out the video below to see the home screen in action.  The cool thing you will notice is the ability to access your media from within the home screen.

Yes that image on the phone is a Microsoft Surface which is next to my desk, more on that later

The i617T also has a slot for a micro SD card which is great to store your media files on, it supports cards up to 4GB. It has a Samsung proprietary connector so you will need to use the supplied Headphone adaptor to listen to your media. The phone supports Exchange server connectivity through Microsoft Direct Push Technology. The low cost of the phone serves as a great first smartphone and also a fleet device for your organisation. It packs all the punch with Windows Mobile 6.1 and its great design.

micro SD card slot is perfect for your media storage

Telstra is offering the Samsung i617T for $0 on a $30 Consumer or Business 24-month Phone Plan.

Comments (9)

  1. itproaustralia says:


    Nope no external antenna port

  2. itproaustralia says:


    yep $589 outright isnt bad at all for outright. Nope no standard headphone jack, it does come with an adaptor so you can plug your own headphones in

  3. itproaustralia says:


    You may want to have a look at the new Windows Mobile Palm Treo Pro, its the only smartphone with the Blue Tick status (recommended for rural coverage on the NextG network).  Check out the WMOZ Post about it:

  4. paul says:

    unfortunately, telstra isn’t great value for regular folks 😉

    $589 outright from telstra, however, isn’t such a bad price

    Standard headphone jack?

  5. gerard says:


  6. Damien Kearns says:

    I purchased one based off this article. The buttons are a little close together (which I expected), but I will probably get use to them in time.

    I got mine on a $30 fleetselect plan, and a $10 data pack. I had the exhange push working in a matter of minutes.

    I have made only one call with the earpiece and microphone picking up very well.

    I had been wanting a Iphone or HTC touch but these were only available on $80 plans thru Telstra. Whilst not a touch phone the I617 still seems to be quite good (time will tell though).

  7. sam says:

    i live in country wa where the signal is not always the best ( differs with the phone) has this phone got good service like the telstra country phone??

  8. Gypsy O'Hanlan says:

    I was told by a woman at a Telstra store that this phone does not have GPS but it does, right?

  9. katieeee says:

    on this phone can you set a picture background???

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