PacLib Group chooses Hyper-V over VMware

Full story here,paclib-performs-vmware-analysis-but-chooses-microsoft.aspx

The analysis involved monitoring PacLib’s servers for a month, according to IT manager David Furey.

“They came back with a proposal of about $25,000 in installation costs and another $25,000 in software costs,” Furey told iTnews.

“You’ve got to question whether it’s worth paying $50,000 for that. I know the VMware camp go on about features like VMotion, but for $50,000 I could pay someone to move my virtual machines for me.”

“To us, it looked like we weren’t losing any performance or benefits of virtualisation but we were saving a lot of money,” Furey explained.

“It just didn’t make financial sense to spend all that money [on vmware], when if we want to add more Hyper-Vs, it’s $49 per server.”

Hyper-V has let PacLib group consolidate its 16 physical servers to 4 Dell Poweredge 2950 Servers.  There are still 16 servers running but the other 12 are virtual instances.

Comments (1)

  1. David M. says:

    Perhaps at that price point they should have considered Citrix XenServer, allows for much greater flexibility and scalability.

    I think its important to note that virtualisation is the new found TCO reduction mechanism for management/executives.

    Virtualisation isn’t as simple as most vendors are making it out to be, to often we are seeing server virtualisation gone wrong. Don’t get me wrong its great to save a few bucks in a dev environment scenario. However for production environments consideration needs to be given to workload, utilisation etc before even thinking virtualisation.

    Anyway thats my 2 cents worth 🙂

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