Live Search is great for Image search especially Album Art

Having just bought the latest Offspring Album - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace I used Windows Media Player to rip it to my music library but it didn't pick up the album art. I have been using Live Search for finding images lately because it has some pretty handy features.

On the right hand side there are a variety of filters you can apply to the search. Since Im looking for the highest resolution album art for my library (good if your using Media Center) I just select large or desktop and it comes back with the filtered results. I then click the the image link URL where then it opens a new window with the image. I simply drag and drop the Album Art into Windows Media Player and I have my new Album Art sorted. Of course you wouldnt need to go through this if it picked up the album art in the first place..

Comments (4)

  1. My favorite part of Live Search’s images page is that I don’t have to click through multiple results pages – as I scroll down, more results get added. (My least favorite part is that the results screen jumps around when I’m scrolling, so I lose my place.)

  2. james says:

    Had the same issue with iTunes, it wouldnt pick up this album art

  3. Scott Fletcher says:

    Hey, Live search is great, almost as great as San Fermin. I just ran with some bulls that was almost as good as live search!

  4. saneng says:

    you were helping me with a driverfil

    it was disappert

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