40% discount TechNet Plus Direct Subscriptions for readers

We had a really good response to the special promo code we offered at our recent launch events for TechNet Plus Direct. I thought I should offer it to those of you who are active readers of this blog. The 40% discount makes the subscription price of TechNet Plus Direct only $307 bucks. So if you were thinking about getting TechNet Plus Direct, now is a better time than never.  The promo code is TLNW08.

Subscription Benefits
Full-version software licensed for evaluation purposes, includes Microsoft operating systems, and Office System software.

Beta software. Get pre-release versions of Microsoft software to keep up to date on the latest technologies.

Subscriber Download access allowing you to customize subscription content to meet your needs. No need to wait for discs - all resources and evaluation software are available immediately after release.

Two (2) complimentary technical support incidents and a 20% discount on additional phone support incidents you purchase.

Unlimited Managed Newsgroup Support. Post your technical questions in over 100 public newsgroups and Microsoft ensures a response from an expert in the newsgroup by next business day.

Access to Online Concierge Chat service for live help from a Microsoft Online Assistant, who will help you pinpoint technical content on your subscription media, the Microsoft Knowledge Base, and other Microsoft online resources.

The TechNet Library containing the Microsoft Knowledge Base, security updates, service packs resource kits, utilities, technical training, and product documentation to keep your systems and IT skills up to date.

Comments (19)

  1. Matt says:

    Brilliant! The perfect time and reason for me to subscribe! Thanks guys!

  2. Rob says:

    screwed again!

    not long purchased Technet Plus at full retail, as I could get no sense out of Microsoft here in Australia – while there was a huge discount offered in the US!

    No time  to attend "Heroes" event… too busy chasing Vista anomalies and incompatibilities.

  3. Lester says:

    Followed link to Buy or renew now. Not able to select Australia for new subscription. Select Asia Pacific and end up back at this page. Another link took me to a page quoting $504. Forget it.

  4. Peter says:

    I had no problem ordering this by just following the prompts – including of course – entering the promo code to get the promo price.

  5. Lester says:

    Thanks Peter. My apologies, it helps if you enter the promo code.

  6. Allen says:

    Just saved me nicely. Works in the UK 🙂

  7. Allen says:

    Just saved me nicely. Works in the UK 🙂

  8. HR says:

    For a german order I paid  212,- EUR instead of 373,-

    ( no VAT if you enter the german VAT Number )

  9. Happy Customer says:

    You just saved (my company) $140.  Thanks much!  Our "Heroes" code had expired on June 30th.  I’m glad that this one was still active.

  10. Dan_IT says:

    The code doesn’t work anymore. 🙁

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  17. Harry says:

    Hi Any one got the working 40% for australia now?

    send email to harwant at freestuffday.com.au

  18. Concierge says:

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  19. Scott Brown says:

    Does this code work for renewals as of right now?  If not can you provide with a promo / discount code that does?

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