Dont Forget about Earth Hour 2008!

Earth Hour 

I will be taking part in Earth Hour 2008 and so will Microsoft Australia. We will be turning off our computers, lights, monitors etc before we leave for the weekend. Remember to turn off your lights at 8pm on Saturday night!

There is also a Facebook Footprint Calculator which is the official WWF Earth Hour Facebook Application.

Check out the Zerofootprint Calculator, official partner of the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour event! Join a global community and switch of your lights for one hour on March 29th, 2008. You can sign up to be part of Earth Hour from inside the application!

The Zerofootprint Calculator helps you measure your environmental impact. This application takes just one-minute to complete, but will allow you to calculate how many tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) you emit through your travel, diet, and home.

Install the application to measure your environmental impact, find ways to pledge to reduce it, get offsets, and access daily green tips. All of this will help you green your lifestyle!

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