"Vista SP1 up to 86% faster" – APCMAG.COM

The title says it all http://apcmag.com/8373/vista_sp1_up_to_86_faster

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  1. itproaustralia says:


    Because its you fletch 🙂

  2. Scott Fletcher says:

    How come you never approve my comments?

  3. Dave Lloyd says:

    Interesting.  My experience so far with my main PC is that it now spends a lot more time accessing the hard drive and is therefore noticeably slower.  The sidebar also tends to eat up about 40% CPU cycles since upgrading to SP1.

    On the other hand my laptop seems to be running quite nicely with SP1 so far.  

    Sadly, the media centre PC still ‘forgets’ how to render sound to the SP/DIF port every so often and viewing is sometimes choppy for no apparent reason.

    So mixed results for me, though I do think copying files off the network to the laptop has improved.

  4. alex says:

    Great article above from APCMAG.COM!…Vista is now so fast the articel has disappeared!.

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