Office Live Workspace beta launches in Australia

The Office Live Workspace Beta is now available in Australia. This is great news for those wanting to extend their Office experience online. Its great for storing Office documents online where you can access them and preview them from any computer (Office doesnt need to be installed). You can also share documents and work on documents together in real time using Microsoft SharedView. You can also save directly from your Office applications to your workspace. Sign up for the beta at

Comments (8)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Awesome! Much better than Google Docs…

  2. Ashul says:

    Nice.. will be really cool to use this instead of my open office on the little eee pc..

    Good one!

  3. Jack says:

    Just about time !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it Love it Love it

  4. Shawn Low says:

    Would be great to offer some basic editing functionality. I mean, I can preview MS office documents in Yahoo mail too. If Flickr and Picasa can offer on-the-fly image editing, then I think it’s a good idea to allow users to edit documents.

  5. Cathy Fanning says:

    I have been using Office live Workspace now for a while, finding it excellent.  The Australian launch is great.  My staff and clients are finding the concept and ease of use a real benefit to them.  Certainly adding to the on-line division of our business.

  6. blad3runn69 says:

    thank you real microsoft people 🙂

  7. sUBs says:

    Office Live Small Business – Hosting an Australian Domain ( , Any Idea when the service be extended. Currently only regions like (US, UK France Japan etc.. ) can Relegate their domains, Host .

  8. Chucky says:

    Is there a beta group for Office Live Small Business for Australia?

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