TechNet Webcast – Virtualization and Windows Server 2008

We are coming across a lot of people asking us about Virtualization and Windows Server 2008. There is a comprehensive technet webcast which you may want to watch.

The new Windows Server virtualization infrastructure is a core feature in the Windows Server 2008 operating system. In this webcast, we provide an overview of the virtualization role, the scenarios, and the features that make server virtualization an important pillar of Windows Server 2008. We also cover the longer-term strategy and road map for Microsoft virtualization technologies. Virtualization is becoming a key tool for improving overall manageability for the IT environment—join this webcast to learn how Windows Server virtualization can help you build a strong, flexible platform and improve overall manageability.

Presenter: Allen Stewart, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Allen Stewart is a principal program manager in the Windows Server Division Customer Advisory team, which focuses on supporting key Windows Server technologies. Allen focuses on Microsoft virtualization technologies, such as hardware virtualization, virtualization management, and application virtualization. He works directly with customers who are architecting complex, cutting-edge, cross-product solutions based on Microsoft virtualization technologies. He also works directly with the various Microsoft virtualization product groups on customer scenarios, technology adoption programs, white papers, and feature planning. Allen leads the Microsoft Virtualization Customer Advisory Council, which has a core set of customers who help drive the next-generation virtualization scenarios. Allen is a Microsoft Certified Architect, and he is on the board of directors of the Microsoft Certified Architect Program.
Click here to view the webcast (105 Minutes)

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