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Good news for TechNet Plus subscribers chomping at the bits to get SP1, Windows Vista SP1 Update is available for download through the top downloads section at

What's available?
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (x86, x64) - DVD (English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (x86) - EXE (English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (x64) - EXE (English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)

The full install will be available towards the end of the month, Ill let you know when this is live.

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  1. There are good reasons for it being held back.

    Despite the fact it had RTM’d we saw some instances where drivers were causing unpleasant behaviours after SP1 was applied. Naturally we want a good experience for all customers when they receive it through WU so we chose to hold it back until we could sort those issues out. We apologise for the delay on it.

    We also heard consistent feedback that IT Pros needed to be able to test it out first before deploying so to ensure that you could get it we offered it via TechNet and MSDN subscriptions (and the volume license customer site I believe).

    For more information on this please see Mike Nash’s blog entry on the topic at:

  2. Anonymous says:

    The issue with Top Downloads has been corrected. There was a correction needed in the XML file for the Top Downloads control.

  3. Hmm…nVidia….:) We recommend that you contact nVidia about their drivers. The ones we put in the RTM are really just to get you going. The ones they release will probably give you more functionality than the ones we provide.

  4. itproaustralia says:


    It is the RTM version so final

  5. Again were sorry about the delay on it. Really!

    But lets be clear here. This is not about money or driving people towards a subscription. If there was a way that we could release SP1 to a known enthusiast or IT Pro population that were aware of the risks and how recover from the issues then we would do it.

    So the question for us is how do we release it to industry people aside from what we are doing without giving it to the general consumer until we have sorted the issues?

    At present we currently have several channels for release to the industry – beta sites, technet, msdn and volume license download sites. Each of these is a qualified channel that we can ensure only people that:

    1. Are genuinely tech enthusiasts and know what they are doing (in the case of the beta site especially)

    2. Having access to one of the subscriptions or access to the VL site means they are probably IT professionals in businesses.

    Im sure you can imagine that if we released it straight to the web and the general public started downloading

    and it caused problems on their machines – you could expect a customer backlash probably bigger than what youre telling us about the limited access to it on various blogs.

    So we’re sorry about the frustration youre feeling. Im personally frustrated cause my team is tasked with making you as happy as can be and you are all really unhappy with us and thats the last thing we want.

    If you want to send me personal mail on it please feel free – send through my blog at

  6. Jon says:

    Is this BETA or RC or is this the final release

  7. delicious cake says:

    are you frickin’ serious?  Vista SP!1 is out and the only way we can get BUG FIXED is through SUBSCRIBING?


  8. Ryan O'Dwyer says:

    I have nothing in my "Top Downloads" section, nor can I find any mention of service pack 1 in my technet subscription, performing a search yields 0 results, the last thing posted containing the word vista was on the 31/1/2008, do I need to wait longer?

  9. Greg Lambert says:


    The reason you cannot find it is you havent paid your subscription fee for the PLUS section. I had the same problem and tried to find it. Only paying technet plus members get it. Doesnt seem worth $512 to me for 2 weeks early.

  10. David Sloan says:

    I am a paid up member of Technet Plus Australia and I can’t get it either. First Microsoft stop shipping me disks saying they have changed my membership, now I can’t get to the Top Downloads. What is my company paying for? Is it a bug on the Technet Plus Australia site?

  11. Jarod Saunders says:

    Just a question, what’s the build details of the final SP1 release?

  12. K says:

    Get real, no way in hell is it worth paying for 2 weeks earlier access for a service pack.

    Your crappy software costs enough without throwing in a Technet membership. Anyone got a torrent?

  13. David Sloan says:

    Well I can now get Vista SP1 from the Top DOwnloads as they are now showing on teh site. Thanks for whomever got it working. If you don’t mind my asking what was th eproblem?

  14. Wayne Bertram says:

    What a lot of crap. If it is ready why not let everyone have it asap. But I suppose applying SP1 to VISTA is like flogging a dead horse anyway.  Just couldn’t help commenting on Microsoft shitty attitued (again). So I’m still sticking with XP. I don’t need to relearn how to use my PC. I just want to use it.

  15. Anthony says:

    Microsoft like to make people pay to fix their bugs for them…

  16. David T says:

    It is painful enought to use Vista and if there is a solution to ease our pain why asking us to wait??  Whoever come up with such a policy to release bugs fix should be sacked for not being sensity to customers who ultimately draft the chq for his payroll.

  17. John says:

    Its sad to see the small children who post on this blog these days.  Yes you have to pay for Technet Plus – in the past you had to pay for Technet content to get pretty much anything but these days a lot of it is free now.

    Technet Plus paid subscribers get access to stuff early – this is the way it has always been and its one of the advantages.  If you dont pay you wait until the public gets it.  

    Of course dont get me started on CD’s no longer being sent.. That is rubbish and why I no longer pay my subscription but watching you lot of kiddies whine about having to pay for technet plus drives me up the wall – $50 says you call yourselves IT professionals as well…

  18. Greg Lambert says:


    Your comment that you wanted it to be a good customer experience amazes me. If you wanted that wouldnt releasing it to industry people here ahead of public release be the idea? After all, beta testers are one thing but there are a lot of people here who think their way is best. You get a lot more diverse responses to the release in that way and not just the way they yes men may react.

    Still, if you think it is best to charge for a free update to get it two weeks early, your lose. Crazy idea.

    To the person saying that Vista is a dud, all I have to say is if you dont know how to drive, of course a car is a dud to you. I have found it to be fantastic. It makes XP look and act like a toy. However, I have heard all this before – people whined about going to XP from 98SE after all and people whined about going from W2K to XP too. If you want to whine, dont ever get Vista.

  19. Troy says:

    Hooray for SP1!

    Well, hopefully it’s worth the wait, although if XP SP1 was any indication, this one will be too. Are there any major Nvidia drivers affected? That’s the main one I’m concerned about.

    Still, it’s a step forward. Well done to the MS team.

  20. Troy says:

    Heh, yeah. Running crysis on default windows drivers = not viable.

    Still, at least Vista has lots o’ printer drivers.

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