Dine with Steve Riley in Sydney

For those who dont know, Steve Riley will be touring Australia during the upcoming Heroes Happen 2008 events.  For those who dont know who Steve is please see below:

"Steve is a senior security strategist in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group. He is a frequent and popular speaker at conferences worldwide, often appearing in Asia one week and Europe the next: speaking engagements have included multiple Microsoft TechEds and other conferences, plus SANS, RSA, Black Hat, Windows and Exchange Connections, Windows IT Pro Magazine roadshows, TechMentor conferences, the Institute for Applied Network Security, and InfoSec US. When not evangelizing the benefits of Microsoft security technology, Steve spends time with customers to better understand the security pain they face and show how some of that pain can be eliminated."

Steve will be doing the Locknote session at the Sydney event on February 28th which I will be hosting.  We will be asking Steve a whole lot of Security related questions and you have the opportunity to get your question in!  Send us your Security related questions to itproanz@microsoft.com. The top 5 questions that we pick will be asked in the session plus you will be dining with Steve on the night of February 28th.  You will need to live in Sydney unless you are flying in for the event.

Send us your questions today!

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  1. Malcolm Leckie says:

    I am on the Onecare beta

    why does Onecare crash so often ? and vanish from taskbar ?

    it’s protection level seems to fluctuate

    it also seems to stumble with windows update

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