Windows Vista One Year Vulnerability Report

Jeff Jones has released the 1 year vulnerability report for Windows Vista.

This paper analyzes the vulnerability disclosures and security updates for the first year of Windows Vista and looks at it in the context of its predecessor, Windows XP, along with other modern workstation operating systems Red Hat, Ubuntu and Apple products.

The results of the analysis show that Windows Vista has an improved security vulnerability profile over its predecessor. Analysis of security updates also shows that Microsoft improvements to the security update process and development process have reduced the impact of security updates to Windows administrators significantly compared to its predecessor, Windows XP.

Download the report

Comments (3)

  1. Matt Waite says:

    Since nobody is seriously using Vista, its no wonder nobody is trying to hack it.

    But seriously… Can you present these figures in relation to number of copies deployed?  It would make a more interesting and relevant study.  

    I’m sure if you added Plan 9 to the chart, the first year of vulnerabilities would be very low; possibly the lowest.  But what does that prove?

  2. Ken Shaw says:

    I am currently running Vista and am unhappy with the speed of Vista.   It is interesting that Leo Leporte from The Lab said last week that Vista has a new version out and it is better, it is called Windows XP.   I tend to agree with this statement but to reverse back to XP is too much hassle and I hope that Microsoft will support us users with free updates that finally fix the bugs etc and give us a great windows finally

    Ken Shaw

  3. waz says:

    If your running vista with less than 1gb of memory than it’s going to be slow…so upsize your ram and your video card… get a boost in speed….a CPU under 2.04gb mhz will drain the performance of vista too….

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