My new HTC Touch Dual Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone

Before I tell you about the HTC Touch Dual please note this is my first time back into the world of Windows Mobile since Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone. I had a HTC Canary which I used for a while. Since the Canary I have had a few Motorola's and a Sony Ericsson K800i. So when Grace (our Windows Mobile Director) handed me the HTC Touch Dual I had to see what all the fuss is about with Windows Mobile 6.

IMG_0503 IMG_0502

The HTC Touch Dual has a touch screen and a slide out keypad

The first thing I did was set up my ActiveSync for my Email, Tasks, Calendar and Contacts. Something I am new to is Direct Push Technology. This is a direct connection with my Exchange Server which is all encrypted of course. So I actually get my email when it hits the exchange server.

IMG_0500 IMG_0501 

My daily Aquabumps email displays nicely on the touch

I also set up Office Communicator Mobile 2007. I'm loving this because I can IM and hassle anyone back in the office from anywhere I am! I also installed a few Live Services such as Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Maps which works a treat.

IMG_0490 IMG_0494
IMG_0491 IMG_0493

Office Communicator Mobile 2007, Windows Live Maps and Windows Live Messenger keeping me in touch on the go

The touch screen is really handy, it has a feature called TouchFlo which you can use your fingers to scroll down pages etc. Surfing the web on the device is great because the HTC Touch Dual is a 3G device (also supports HSDPA and GPRS/EDGE/GSM).

IMG_0505 IMG_0504

The Australian viewed through Internet Explorer

This wouldn't be a Smartphone without its phone functionality. I can actually make phone calls! (this was a big issue with my Canary I had a few years ago). I like using smartdial, this is handy because if I needed to call Jeff I would just press 5,3,3 it then displays the contacts in my address book matching those characters.

I'm really happy with this device and couldn't go back to my Sony Ericsson K800i because I would definitely miss being so connected.

Comments (4)

  1. Dileepa says:

    Ummm….A$834.95 and no WiFi??

  2. -=LynX=- says:

    Pfft TouchFlo – what next, coverflow and pinching?  Get an original concept.

    Is it also admitting that the windows mobile concept is a failure when you enjoy dialing your friend’s numbers by recalling dinosaur mobile keypad maneuvers?  Pathetic.

    I’m waiting for the introduction of a real phone here in AUS – the iPhone.  I’m certainly not interested in some hacked-up, feature-poor, after-thought that is so gimmicky your boss has to give it away for free for you to even care to review it.

    God Windows Mobile and every device made on it is such a skid-mark on the furtherment of the human race.

    PS) Nice pathetic lens distortion in the ridiculously small photos with no zoom.

  3. Matthew Lye says:

    The touch was both developed and released before the iPhone.

    If you want to complain about something make sure you know your facts.

    Look at the draconian measures Apple is taking to prevent third party development for its platform. Something that WM has had for a long time. Thw restrictiveness of the phone rules it out for me. I like to choose my applications.

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