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I've been a subscriber to Foxtel for a while now, primarily for the sports and news channels. So the announcement of Foxtel HD got me pretty excited especially when all my friends in the UK are already watching the football in HD. Its great to see Foxtel HD will support both 720p and 1080i HD formats.

Looks like Patrick Delany has set up a blog to keep you up to date with the latest developments.  Dont forget to "Meet the Pixels"

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  1. anasta says:

    I have been a Foxtell costumer for some time now and I have put up with their inferior product for that time, first there analogue had poor sound and picture quality and then they brought out digital, the picture improved marginally put the sound quality stayed the same now they are trying to sell me IQ 2 which is HD they want $200 upfront and $15 monthly on top of my monthly bill which is $135 just for 3 or 4 HD stations which are the same as the digital ,I can get channel 7 and 10 HD for no extra cost I don’t understand why I should pay extra just because they are trying to keep up with free to air and to fix their inferior product .I like to know if I am the only person that feels like they are getting ripped off, I think they will have to replace all there Foxtel  boxes to HD eventually  because they will stop making the old ones.

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