Server VS Client "Back Trekking"

Check out the first strip in the Server vs Client series The second strip is up at the TechNet Windows Server 2008 Portal


Windows Server 2008 Portal and Server vs Client Comics

To help you get started with Windows Server 2008 we have just launched the Windows Server 2008 TechNet Portal. We have also got the first strip of Server vs Client up there. These strips were created by a local animation design house Nectarine. Huge thanks to Minty and James for creating the comics! Get to…


Ice Cube loving Silverlight

Michael Scherotter is a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft US and he met with Ice Cube and his team to talk about their online TV experience which is using Silverlight The following is a Silverlight Streaming HD version of the video.


We received your Feedback about what you think about Microsoft!

We recently received our latest round of survey results back. This information was provided by some of you out there in the Australian IT Pro community, so thank you for taking the time to fill in the survey. The feedback that you have provided is being used by our corporate teams in Redmond plus I…


TechNet Magazine November – Happy Users = Happy Admins

Check out the November issue of TechNet Magazine. Its got some good articles around using BDD 2007 and SQL Server around desktop deployments, how to create a secure messaging environment with Exchange Edge Transport Servers plus more. Windows Administration Changes to Offline Files in Windows Vista It’s a common problem—how do you let users work…


Transformers HD-DVD arrives

I placed a order with JB HI-FI Online late last week for my Transformers HD-DVD and it arrived today! Firstly kudos to JB for starting to stock HD DVD, I was starting to get worried! Its a 2 disc HD-DVD set and in addition to the movie in full HD glory it has some pretty…


Microsoft Hyper-V Server

Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Its the official name for our Microsoft server virtualization technology, previously known as “Viridian”. This was just announced at the recent TechEd IT forum in Barcelona. Hyper-V technology will be included in Windows Server 2008 when it launches and there will be a stand-alone virtualization server called Hyper-V Server. What is…


Introducing TechNet Edge

For those who are aware of Channel 8 (Academic),9 (Developers) and 10 (Enthusiasts) we have just launched a dedicated site for IT Professionals called TechNet Edge. Why be part of Edge? We will be continuing to provide you with the latest information about our Technology straight from the product teams.  There will also be Screencasts…


Prize Rush Competition – 4600 prizes worth over $225,000 to be won

Our good friends at ninemsn are running this pretty cool competition called Prize Rush which is using Live Search and Live Maps. There are some amazing prizes up for grabs, check out the prize list. The object of ninemsn Prize Rush is to dig for thousands of top prizes buried all over Australia. To earn…