TechNet VODcast – Network Access Protection

Jeffa (the 20 year guy, and yes he is wearing shorts at work) kindly spent some time with me to answer some questions in regards to Windows Server 2008.  I ask Jeff "What is NAP?"

NAP Resources
Introduction to Network Access Protection
Read this white paper for an overview of NAP scenarios and components and a brief description of how NAP works for Internet Protocol security (IPsec)-protected communication, 802.1X authenticated connections, remote access virtual private network (VPN) connections, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) configuration. For a WebCast version of this white paper, click here.

Network Access Protection Platform Architecture
Read this white paper for a detailed description of the components of the NAP architecture, how it works, and how it allows third-party software vendors and system integrators to create complete solutions for system health validated network access. For a WebCast version of this white paper, click here.

Network Access Protection Platform Overview
Read the Cable Guy article for July 2005 for an overview of NAP capabilities and architecture and a comparison of NAP with Network Access Quarantine Control in Windows Server 2003.

Network Access Protection Policies in Windows Server 2008
Read this white paper for a description of the different settings of the Network Policy Server (NPS) service for NAP and how the different settings are related to create a customized health determination and enforcement solution.

Introduction to Network Access Protection” white paper WebCast
“Network Access Protection Platform Architecture” white paper WebCast

Network Access Protection with IPSec Enforcement
Complete this TechNet virtual lab to review NAP health certificates, verify connectivity between compliant NAP clients, and demonstrate network restriction of a noncompliant NAP client.

Don't forget we are currently touring Australia with our current TechNet Updates where we are covering NAP.

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