My new phone – The Tanjay

Thanks to Jonathan Lewis and our IT Team here at Microsoft I am lucky to be on the pilot program for Unified Communications.  This phone is a little beauty, it looks like something from the USS Enterprise with its touch screen interface.  It even has a Fingerprint reader which makes you feel like Jason Bourne.  Unlike my previous Catalina device which connects into my PC, the Tanjay connects directly into the network port allowing for clearer communication through the network.  It works directly with Office Communications Server 2007 and its running Windows CE as its operating system.

The Tanjay

Touch Screen interface

Tried to call Ben English but he is currently away

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    November 2007 marks the launch of our Unified Communications platform and Kleefy and myself will be presenting

  2. Anonymous says:

    11 months ago, I became a Unified Communictions user and I really, really liked it. I even had a cool

  3. Anonymous says:

    At the Technet Australia Blog, Deeps has some comments on his new Communicator Phone Experience (aka

  4. Dileepa says:

    Guess that makes me old school for using good ol’copper wiring! 😛

  5. Ram Karthik says:

    Cant see the Ctrl Alt Del button?

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