Winners of the Targus TechEd 2007 Bags

We received some very interesting entries!  I wish we had more that we could give away.  The following are the winning entries.  Congrats! 

"I would use the back pack to carry my little dog around in. He rocks!!
Check out:"
Aaron Saikovski – Readify

"I'd use the bag for commuting. I do a bit of running and run to work each day. Imagine the perceptions we could smash if motorists saw a nerd running instead of them thinking we’re stuck in front of an Xbox with crumbs down our t-shirts all day"
Martin Harris – DET NSW

"Sometimes my wife makes me a yummy sandwich which I struggle to carry along, client visits!!" Kamol Sagwan- Avanade

"My wife and I both turn 30 next year, we plan to celebrate with a holiday to Uluru. The backpack would come to good use climbing the rock and also be a nice home for my notebook when we are not blogging about our adventure."
Damien Kearns

"Because I live in a rural area, there is a belief that professional IT support is not available. I take MCSE books to job tickets to educate the wider community against IT hacks & educate up and comers on the courses/exams they should be doing."
Chris – Caroll Secure Computing

"It looks like a versatile backpack. Not only would I be able to use it to cart work stuff (I commute 100 Kms daily) I've two young kids and going anywhere eg aquarium, public parks we need to seriously load up."
Romy Stevenson – Coles

"I would love a backpack that allows me to a) pretend my boss isn’t too tight to pay for a ticket to Tech Ed, and b) use a strap to hold my stomach in after eating too much at free Microsoft events (the only events I can go to)."
Michele Liva – DET NSW

"STUDY: Mandarin class Mondays so I need room for my Books, Pads, pens and pencils
WORK:  Need to carry a laptop and phone home often
FITNESS: Running gear needs to be separate from my laptop and study.
Plus it looks like a cool backpack."
Paul Moorhouse – EDS

"The bag as my comfort to know that it’s my pillow when I need those naps (hopefully not during work), to defend and protect my laptop and gadgets should I accidentally drop them in despair and of course as a daily reminder to save up for the next Tech Ed."
Gavin Tan - Avanade

"I was busy hard at work trying to explain the intricacies of best practice to our customers.  How could this be hard and why would a backpack help? Again! An easy answer, they are armed. So a nice swish backpack to tuck in my XPS would greatly assist in running."
Carl Bindels – QLD Police Service

Comments (5)

  1. itproaustralia says:

    Congrats again!  You should all have got a email confirming your address will be sending the bags out next week

  2. Kamol Sagwan says:

    Thanks Deeps,

    Guess what it was my b-day on wednesday, my wife bought me a Motorola S9, my dream gadget and she also bought me a STM bag, … 🙁 poor babe, i didnt have the heart to tell I won a tech-ed bag ….

  3. Gavin Tan says:

    Oh my God…I was on the verge of almost buying a bag and now I’ve got one from you guys…!! Heaven sent!

  4. Michele Liva – DET NSW says:

    I was about to buy a new bag too, thanks guys!!  So how do we get our grubby hands on them, will you be posting them to us?

  5. Damien Kearns says:

    Bag arrived today…very nice I must say!!!

    PS. Thanks for the extra surprise in the box. I hope everyone else got the same 🙂

    Thanks very much

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