Holographic Storage offers 300GB of storage on a standard disc

The worlds first Holographic Storage devices will be launching soon.  Initial storage will be around 300GB on a single disc and could offer 1.6Tbytes on a single disc within 3 years. 

The product being launched by InPhase is the Tapestry 300R drive and media, which has a capacity of 300Gbytes and a transfer rate of 20Mbytes a second. The first-generation product is write once, read many, and a single drive will cost about £9,000. One disc will cost about £90. By way of comparison, an enterprise-class tape drive costs about £15,000 and a mid-range tape drive costs about £2,000.

InPhase expects to develop and release three generations of drives and media. From the initial specifications outlined above, it hopes to move to a second-generation device in 18 months to two years, which will provide 800Gbytes of capacity and a transfer rate of 80Mbytes a second. A third system with 1.6Tbytes of capacity and a transfer rate of 120Mbytes a second should be available in three to four years.

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Speaking of storage I went to my local Blockbuster the other night and tried to find some HD-DVD titles only to see only 2 titles compared to a shelf full of Blu-Ray, come on HD-DVD!

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  1. Fletch says:

    sounds like a winner, are they listed?

  2. BMan says:

    @HD-DVD at Blockbuster

    You must have missed this artical…


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