Halo 3 Hooded Jumpers at Tech Ed 2007

We will have 50, thats right only 50 Halo 3 Hooded Jumpers (in Black) that TechNet will be giving away at TechEd 2007 on the Gold Coast!

This is what they look like but they will be Black.

What do you need to do to get one of these?
You have to be registered for TechEd this year.  We will be handing out TechNet stickers during registration on Tuesday 7th August, make sure you grab one and wear it during TechEd.  We will be randomly giving out the Hooded Jumpers plus other spot prizes to those wearing the TechNet stickers during the conference.

The TechNet Stand at TechEd
We will also have our very own stand at TechEd this year.  We will have speakers there to answer any questions you have.  We will also have the following at the stand - Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 DVD, Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 Resources DVD, Windows Server 2008 Component Posters and will be offering 40% off TechNet Plus Direct Subscriptions.  Make sure you come along and wear your sticker!

Which speakers will be on at the TechNet Stand at what time?

 Wed 8thThurs 9thFri 10th
10-11amMichael KleefPhilip DuffMichael Kleef
 Ken SchaeferDavid KellyDavid Kelly
11-12amJeff AlexanderChris GreenDavid Kim
 Johann KruseKen SchaeferChris Green
12-1pmLeon Booth (12.30 -1.30)Jeff AlexanderJeff Alexander
 Chris GreenJames McCutcheonToby Alcock
1-2pmRamprabhu RathnamRamprabhu RathnamRamprabhu Rathnam
 John PritchardJohn PritchardJohn Pritchard
 James McCutcheonBen ArmstrongJohann Kruse
2-3pmAndrew McMurrayAndrew McMurrayAndrew McMurray
 Hugo OrtegaHugo OrtegaJames McCutcheon
3-4pmJason ClarkeJason ClarkeJason Clarke
 Ben ArmstrongLeon Booth 
  Michael Kleef 
4-5pmToby AlcockJohn Pritchard 

Note this schedule can change...

See you on the GC!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh man…. Get this, when you register at Tech Ed, pick up a TechNet sticker!!! and WEAR IT! If you do

  2. itproaustralia says:


    Your right, already had some parents going to TechEd saying their kids want the jumper!  We will have software and hardware given away as spot prizes as well

  3. jb says:

    yeah – like that will appeal to all the kiddies – how about a more mature option?

  4. Kelley says:

    No way are my kids going to get that jumper!  It’s MINE.

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