TechNet Magazine Online – July 2007

TechNet MagazineJuly 2007

This month's edition covers two areas - Communications and Windows Administration.
IT is all about communicating information, and protecting that information as it is stored and transmitted is paramount. There are many ways data can be lost, corrupted, or stolen, and you must protect against those threats. To help you guard the data entrusted to your organization we bring you this month's lineup, which includes access protection with Smart Cards so that you can feel safer about who gets into your network, disaster recovery for Exchange 2007 so you don’t lose all that critical email in the event of disaster, and a guide to security for Windows Mobile 6. We also look at public folders in MOSS 2007 so your users can share information safely and conveniently.

Windows Administration
What issue would be complete without a nod to better administration? This month: learn to control which ActiveX controls are installed on your network and what they can do.


Data Protection and Disaster Recovery for Exchange Server 2007
Exchange Server 2007 includes an array of options to support high availability and disaster recovery. Explore the alternatives Exchange has to offer and plan the ideal recovery solution for your organization.

Improve Security with Windows Mobile 6
While smartphones and PDAs offer access to the network from outside the office, they can also expose the network to new vulnerabilities. Here’s a guide to how Windows Mobile 6 and Exchange Server can help protect your company’s mobile devices and infrastructure.

A Powerful Alternative to Public Folders
MOSS 2007 provides a far more powerful solution for sharing data than Exchange public folders, offering enhanced capabilities and easier administration. Take a look at how you can use SharePoint for sharing calendars, contacts, and documents.

Log onto Outlook Web Access with Smart Cards
One of the most vulnerable links in the security chain has to do with weak, easily compromised passwords. Learn how you can improve e-mail security by implementing two-factor smart card authentication for your mobile users.

Windows Administration
The ActiveX Installer Service in Windows Vista
How do you secure the desktop against malicious ActiveX controls without limiting application compatibility? We’ll take you on a tour of the ActiveX Installer Service (AxIS) in Windows Vista that addresses this issue with a new way to manage ActiveX controls.

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