MIT researchers complete wireless electricity test

"MIT research team juices up a 60-watt light bulb using "WiTricity"

The day may be coming when PCs, cell phones and many other devices will be run without a battery or electrical cord.

Last week, an MIT research team announced that it had juiced up a 60-watt light bulb using "WiTricity," the name it has given a wireless electricity source it is developing.

The team generated the WiTricity using two copper coils, one attached to a power source. The power coil emitted a field of magnetism to the unpowered coil, stimulating it to generate a current that powered the light bulb from seven feet away, said Andre Kurs, a graduate student in MIT's physics department who worked on the project."

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Sounds really interesting!

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  1. Jagerballs says:

    Think this is remotely interesting?  Read up on Nikola Tesla.  You’ll be floored if you haven’t heard of him.  He was doing something along these lines in the late 1800’s.

  2. Jagerballs says:

    Dr. Nikola Tesla did this at a range of 23 miles about 100 years ago.  I don’t see him being raved about anywhere nowadays.

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