Licensing Resources

We have found some useful resources to help you understand Microsoft Licensing:

  • Volume Licensing Briefs  Licensing briefs are a series of documents you can download to get information on specific Microsoft Licensing topics

  • Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor MPLA is an easy-to-use online advisor that can help you find and select Microsoft products, find the right Volume Licensing program, and determine estimated retail pricing (ERP) based on your software needs.
    -Provides Volume Licensing program comparisons and guidance.
    -Simplifies Microsoft product selection through a series of questions.
    -Produces a downloadable report and estimated retail price (ERP) or recommended retail price (RRP) quote in Microsoft Word or Excel.
    -Helps save time and costs associated with software acquisition evaluations.

  • Learn about Volume Activation 

  • If you have questions about your Microsoft license, or would like advice about licensing options for your business, please email or call the Microsoft Licensing Hotline on 13 20 58.

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