The IT Crowd – New British comedy, watch the episodes online

A new comedy from Channel 4 in the UK.  A must watch for all IT Professionals!

The great thing about the IT Crowd is that you can watch the episodes online.

A very funny show indeed.

Comments (3)

  1. Mo says:

    We’re sorry, but users outside the UK cannot access The IT Crowd.

  2. Chris Triplett says:

    It is a very funny show and it is worth a look!!

    I was lucky enough to see the 1st 2 episodes.

    Initially it was available world wide (probably a mistake), now it is limited to the UK. Shame…


  3. Daniel says:

    You can see every episode of the IT Crowd at

    As well as all 3 series of shows theres outtakes, bloopers, interviews, unknown facts, downloads. Everything you could ever need to know about the show.

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