City and County of San Francisco Adopts Microsoft Cloud Solution

Just catching up on some news from yesterday that the City and County of San Francisco are upgrading and consolidating their multiple citywide email systems used by more than 23,000 employees onto Microsoft Exchange Online, which is a cloud-based enterprise messaging solution.

The move is part of their efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of their services and reduce IT management costs.

Jon Walton, the San Francisco Chief Information Officer, also points out some of the other benefits such as ensuring that they have a system in place that is resilient.  In the news release he says:

“By moving to the Microsoft platform, we not only get immediate improvements to our system, but we gain a disaster-resilient system that provides the most modern information tools, with solid support provisions that can scale with the needs of our constituents.”

You can see the full details in the story at this link and there’s also a blog post from Microsoft’s Tom Rizzo which talks about it and some of the other government agencies that have recently adopted Microsoft’s cloud offerings.

For more information on what Microsoft has to offer businesses interested in cloud solutions, check out the Cloud Power site.  If you have questions or comments, post them here and I’ll get back to as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your time - Larry

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