Orion Energy Systems Moves InteLite software to Windows Azure platform

I came across an interesting announcement today over on the Windows Azure blog regarding Orion Energy Systems and their use of the Windows Azure platform to host their InteLite offering, a sensor-and-control solution designed to help their customers save energy and control lighting costs.

The announcement says that the move to the Windows Azure platform will provide Orion with approximately $57,000 in savings each year in hardware, labor and maintenance costs.  This savings is occurring while providing them with a new, scalable method of aggregating customer energy consumption data, along with improved data security.

In the news release on the subject, Jason Young, chief technology officer at Orion Energy Systems said, “With Windows Azure, we’re giving our customers access to all their data at a competitive price point. We’re taking the money we would have invested in server space and putting those funds directly into product research and innovation for our customers.”

Their case study has more details on what the problem was they wanted to address and why they chose the Windows Azure cloud platform over other available solutions they considered.  It also covers topics such as performance optimization, how they can provide better customer service now and improve data security.  It’s a quick read and might help you better understand how you could benefit from moving some of your applications to cloud computing and the Windows Azure platform.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  If you’re interested in other information on Microsoft business cloud offerings, be sure to check out the Cloud Power site as well.

Thanks for your time - Larry

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