All Things Digital with Seven Questions and Answers on Windows Azure

This morning I came across a newly published article on All Things Digital by Arik Hesseldahl titled “Seven Questions for Doug Hauger, Head of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform”.


When I talk with others in the industry I sometimes get questions about what Windows Azure is.  Arik’s Q&A session with Doug helps provide clarity on what Windows Azure is and also about some of the real-world customer adoption taking place such as the news last week related to Toyota and the telematics (telecommunications and informatics technologies) systems in their next generation of cars.  The All Things Digital article also talks about companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises and Pixar who are benefiting from their work on the Windows Azure cloud computing platform, as well as some of the other cloud providers and how Windows Azure differs from what they offer.


Doug discusses how many customers are already moving past the initial stage of realizing the benefits that cloud computing has to offer, such as the cost savings related to capital expenditures (CapEx) or the reduction of time required to manage resources, and are now beginning to take advantage of the rapid development and innovation opportunities provided by the platform.


For more on Windows Azure, customers using it today, and the benefits associated with it, such as cost savings and quicker innovation, check out the All Things Digital Q&A.  As always if you have questions on Microsoft’s cloud computing offerings for businesses, check out the Cloud Power site or leave your question in the comments field of this post and I’ll work to get back to you as quickly as possible.


Thanks for your time - larry

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