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Exciting news today related to how Microsoft is helping enable customers to connect with coworkers and information in new ways with the launch of Microsoft Lync.   Allen, with the Microsoft Office 365 team, talks about the news in his post, which I've pulled in below.  I wanted to echo his "My Experiences" comments as well.  I've been using Lync for a while and it provides a new generation of communications experience and has entirely changed the way I work, making my collaboration with coworkers much more seamless and efficient.  When I setup meetings in Outlook I click the "New Online Meeting" button and I can then join those meetings using my computer, headset or telephone and easily switch between those devices if I need to.  I can also easily share out documents, applications or entire monitors during those meetings with the other participants.

Next year Lync Online will be available as part of the Office 365 offerings too, delivering a next-generation cloud communications service.

Check out some of the information on the Lync site including the availability of the trial and to see how customers are using it themselves already today.

Here's the text of Allen's post, as well as a link to it.  Enjoy - Larry

Microsoft Lync Launches


Nov 17, 2010 12:09 PM 

Title: Microsoft Lync Launches!

Today, Microsoft officially launches Microsoft Lync, the next generation of Microsoft's unified communications software that enables people to connect in new ways, anytime, anywhere! I'm excited that with this launch, we provide a glimpse into what will be an integral part of the overall Office 365 experience. With Lync Online, Office 365 customers will be able to make every engagement face-to-face whether from across the hall or across the globe.

To learn more about Lync, head on over to or the Microsoft News Center beginning at 8:00 am PST.  

My Experiences - Getting work done with Lync 

We've been running Lync internally for months now, and I have to say, I just love it! The ability to start impromptu meetings in seconds, sharing desktops or only certain programs, makes getting a quick look or advice on one of my blog posts super simple. I can switch from IM to voice, to video and even app/desktop sharing seamlessly, all in the same window in seconds. And if I want to add more people to the call, I just "drag and drop" their name right from my friend list to the IM/call window. And when a call is dragging on and I need to run to another meeting, I just click a button and take the call with me on my cell phone. I rely on it heavily to do my job every day, and can't wait to share this great experience with you with Office 365.  

So what do you think? How can Lync help you get your work done? Are you excited for Office 365 yet?

Thanks for reading!

-Allen, Office 365 Product Manager 

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