Bloomberg on Microsoft and Our Enterprise Class Cloud Offerings

A co-worker forwarded me a story by Bloomberg news from late last week about Microsoft’s broad cloud strategy for both enterprise and mid-market business. Writer Dina Bass echoes some of the themes I was reading about in the last couple of weeks, in places like The Los Angeles Times (“Microsoft wins key 'cloud' e-mail contracts”) and  (Michael Miller posted about the recent Gartner symposium). My favorite quote from Miller’s story: Gartner analyst David Cearley saying Microsoft has “one of the most visionary and complete views of the cloud."


The Bloomberg news story also includes a quote from Sarah Friar of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. which talks about some of the reasons that companies are choosing Microsoft for their cloud solutions:


“What Microsoft is doing well from a cloud perspective is they are enterprise class and understand what it means to both sell to large enterprise but also meet all their requirements”


This really talks to some of our core strengths and tradition in delivering enterprise class offerings backed by a world class support infrastructure.  Lessons we're taking from our on-premise offerings to the cloud.


Finally the story includes Goldman Sachs research about the future of companies cloud purchasing decisions with:


When the firm’s analysts asked companies about the future, 29 percent listed Microsoft in their cloud purchasing plans. IBM came in second, with 25 percent, Salesforce racked up 24 percent and Google garnered 20 percent. Amazon trailed, with 8 percent.


Check out some of the customer case studies, including customers such as 3M and Associated Press, available on the Cloud Power site to see what other companies are doing today on Microsoft’s cloud offerings including Windows Azure.



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