SQL Server 2014 and Windows Azure Blob Storage Service: Better Together

Just a quick post to point you to this new SQL Server 2014 whitepaper: SQL Server 2014 and Windows Azure Blob Storage Service: Better Together. You will find many interesting best practices and a WSFC-like framework. Summary: SQL Server 2014 introduces significant new features toward a deeper integration with Microsoft Azure, thus unlocking new scenarios and…


SQL Server 2014 Dynamic-link library load

Have you ever wondered how SQL Server 2014 accomplishes the “Native compilation” feature? In this post I’ll show you how to inspect what SQL Server is doing behind the scenes while “compiling” your native code. This will be a deep post that will require a non production instance since we will restart it many times….


About Container Shared Access Signature for SQL Server XI

Hi all, Ever since the MSDN post about SQL Server XI, available from SQL 2014 (see  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/igorpag/archive/2013/10/23/create-a-sql-server-2014-database-directly-on-azure-blob-storage-with-sqlxi.aspx) there is a lot of buzz about Azure Storage in the SQL Server community. One recurring question is: What is the Shared Access Signature (SAS) and why SQL Server XI needs it? First some background: in the Azure…


SQL Server To Windows Azure helper library – A SQL Server open source CodePlex project

Hi all, since my last SQLRally presentation in Amsterdam people kept asking for a working build of the SQLCLR Windows Azure REST API  DLL. Many snippets of it can be found in this blog; however most of you don’t really care about the implementation boilerplate. On the contrary, some of you might actually like to…


Blob leases: how to break them from SQL Server (using SQL CLR and Windows Azure REST API)

SQL 2014 will give you a terrific feature: SQL XI. It will allow you to store your datafiles and tlogs directly in Windows Azure Page Blobs. You can read about it in this great post: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/igorpag/archive/2013/10/23/create-a-sql-server-2014-database-directly-on-azure-blob-storage-with-sqlxi.aspx. As you can see, however, SQL Server places a lease on each blob in use. Think about Azure leases…


Sneak peek on SQL 2014: Parallel SELECT … INTO!

We are all exited about SQL 2014. I’m sure you have already downloaded the CTP. In this short post I would like to show you a welcome feature that you might not know about :). Suppose to have a large, parallel query. Until now if you wanted to create a table out of that query…