My Tech-ed Session References (DTC300 – Turbo Charge your Active Directory)

Hi,   Thank you all for attending my Session.. hope you had fun 🙂   Here’s a list of all references on the topics i’ve been discussing: 1. New AD Features: a. Recycle Bin – b. Recycle Bin – c. AD Module for Powershell – d. AD Web Services – e….


GPP Drives maps causing slow logon due to unavailable file servers – and how to make sure they won’t

  Michael here again, and this time I would like to discuss the Group Policy preferences drive maps feature and some caveats on the way. The Group Policy Preference is a powerful new feature introduced with Windows Vista and later. Using the GPP opens a lot of new options like creating registry keys, copying files,…


Optimizing NTLM authentication flow in multi-domain environments

I’ll start with the obvious: Kerberos is the way to go. NTLM is less secure and is being de-emphasized in the recent versions of the OS. Your first option should always be to attempt to make your applications work with Kerberos. But things take time and it will be long till we find ourselves in…


Searching for Deleted Objects using Powershell

  This question popped in my mailbox – how can you use a script to search for deleted objects in the Active Directory, just as described here – Well, obviously you can’t script ldp.exe, so the second option was to use ADSI objects. The problem with those is that I couldn’t find anyway of…


Inspecting pending outbound changes between two DFSR replicas

Well, as promised, this one is a technical post. Many words have been spoken about DFSR and there is not much I can add when it comes to inner works of DFSR and ways of troubleshooting it. But let’s assume for a moment that our DFSR deployment is fine and working as expected. The specific…


The blog gets a new look

Hello everyone ! This is Guy. Just as Michael, I am a member of the Israel PFE team, specializing in what we call “Platforms/DS”, which basically boils down to anything related to core OS and AD. While I’m not new to the blogosphere it’s been a while since I last blogged so it might take…


Using the DirSync control

  Hello world, This is Michael. I’m a member of the Israeli platform team and I’m here to write about some attempts and eventually the success (wohooooo!) of implementing and using the DirSync control from S.DS.P (System.DirectoryServices.Protocols) namespace. This post will be around developing in C# for AD… I guess it’s also possible in powershell,…


“Hello World”

  Welcome to the Israel Platform PFEs Blog. The Israel Platform PFE team currently consists of 4 members and we handle mostly AD, Performance, IIS, Clustering and other platform related technologies. We all have decided to open this blog in order to share some thoughts, ideas, things we see at customer sites and sometimes just…