Debugging DsGetDCName in Win7



That's just a short post while I'm working for a longer one.

A couple of days ago I was debugging an application, and I wanted to set a breakpoint for the DsGetDCName function to figure out the flags being passed to the function – (

and while in the MSDN help in says it's in the netapi32.dll the query in the debugger didn't show it to actually be there:

0:000> bp netapi32!DsGetDCName
Couldn't resolve error at 'netapi32!DsGetDCName'


So after some digging and a lot of step overs eventually I found out that the DsGetDCName function was moved to the logoncli.dll!

So in order to break on the DsGetDCName you need to setup a breakpoint for logoncli!DsGetDCName

0:000> bp logoncli!DsGetDCNameW
0:000> bl
0 e 73a74ca8     0001 (0001)  0:**** LOGONCLI!DsGetDcNameW


That's it…


Hopefully it will save time for someone in the future סמיילי



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