My Tech-ed Session References (DTC300 – Turbo Charge your Active Directory)



Thank you all for attending my Session.. hope you had fun 🙂


Here’s a list of all references on the topics i’ve been discussing:

1. New AD Features:

a. Recycle Bin –

b. Recycle Bin –

c. AD Module for Powershell –

d. AD Web Services –

e. Managed Service Accounts –

f. Fine Grained Password Policies –

2. AD Replication

a. How AD Replication works –

b. How DC are located in Windows –

c. Finding DCs in closest site –

d. Subnet to Site mapping –

e. Enabling Inter-Site change notifications –

f. Tombstone Lifetime events –

g. Information about lingering objects –

h. Fixing Lingering objects problems –

3. DC Virtualization

a. How to Virtualize DCs – Part 1 –

b. How to Virtualize DCs – Part 2 –

c. Planning considerations for Virtualized DCs –

d. Things to consider when hosting virtual DCs –

4. Group Policy features

a. Managing ADMX files –

b. How to create a Central Policy store –

c. Group Policy Preferences –

d. Group Policy Preferences – Getting Started –

e. Policy vs. Preferences vs. GP Preferences –

d. 2003/XP/Vista Preferences Client Side Extension download –

5. Advanced Group Policy Management Console (AGPM)

a. AGPM Overview –

b. AGPM 4.0 Home –

6. Monitoring

a. AD Management Pack download (includes documentation) –

b. Monitoring AD detailed explanation (older version) –

c. SCOM Home –


That oughta keep you guys busy reading for a while… feel to come back for more 🙂



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  1. dani says:

    Gee.. Thank for the share. That's a whole lot of reading.. I'll start looking into it. 🙂

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