Streaming IoT Telemetry to Azure Event Hub:Part 3

This blog post is a continuation of Streaming IoT Telemetry to Azure Event Hub:Part 2. This is the link to part 1 of the series.  The IoT Gateway Making reference to the project flow one last time, The implementation of the IOT Gateway is based on the Azure Event Hubs REST API’s “Send Event” endpoint.   The…


Streaming IoT Telemetry to Azure Event Hub:Part 2

This blog post is a continuation of Streaming IoT Telemetry to Azure Event Hub : Part 1.  Event Hubs and Stream Analytics Please refer to these tutorials if you’re completely new to Event Hubs. In a nutshell, Event Hub (EH) is a Microsoft Azure service that can accept millions of telemetry data from multiple devices per second….


Streaming IoT Telemetry to Azure Event Hub : Part 1

I had a need to remotely monitor temperature and humidity from my kid’s room. I looked on ebay and amazon and I didn’t find any suitable device that can read both temperature and humidity and send the data to the cloud(for analytics etc) at a reasonable price, so I decided to build one for £11.    This…


Yammer REST API: How to bulk-add members to a yammer group

So you want to add multiple users to a yammer group via the API?  This question comes up quite often partly because there is no yammer documented/supported api on how to add members to a group in bulk. Most users, out of desperation end up hacking endpoints and and their respective parameters by capturing fiddler trace,…


Restricting Access to Yammer Using ADFS Claims Transformation Rule

Assuming you have created the Yammer Relying Party Trust and SSO is now working with the default configuration, a need may arise to prevent some users from logging into Yammer. This will require writing a custom claims transformation rule. The first step to achieving this goal is to create an active directory security group and add the “allowed users”…


Consuming Yammer RESTful API with AngularJS for Dummies

This blog is a continuation of the Yammer RESTful API for dummies series. We are going to write a simple AngularJS client that consumes the Yammer users.json RESTful API endpoint.  The AngularJS client will be accessed by opening the users.html file in your browser, and will consume the Yammer api service accepting requests at: Note that…


Yammer REST API for Dummies

So you are about to start developing with the Yammer REST API? You probably have a lot of questions and that is totally expected, I had loads of questions myself when I started off. The aim of this blog post is to get you up and running with minimal effort by providing practical sample codes…


Creating Yammer Relying Party Trust in ADFS

Yammer supports any SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Provider (IdP). These include ADF 2.0 & 3.0,  Windows Azure AD, Shibboleth, OneLogin, PingFed, Okta etc. The first step to implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) with Yammer is to open a yammer SSO service request. You will be asked to provide your IdP metadata and token signing certificate so you may want…