SCCM Client receiving an advertisement that it was not supposed to receive

One of my customers presented me with an odd issue. A computer was part of a collection that was supposed to receive certain set of advertisements but for some reason the computer was getting an additional advertisement that was not part of the group. They checked a group of collections where that software should have been advertised and this computer was not part of any of those collections. They asked for a log to show when the deployment took place and also a list of collections where this computer resided.

Finding the time at which the advertisement took place was simple, we did this by looking at the execmgr log. But I couldn't think of a way to list the collections that the computer resided in so I logged on to my lab.

So my objective was to list all of the collections that "Client01" belonged to.  I did some searching around the Database and found the View "v_FullCollectionMembership" that looked pretty promising.


After looking at the View and seeing that it had the info I needed, I ran this query:

The query gave me the info I needed. When the customer ran the query in their environment, they found that someone had accidently setup a query based collection that was bringing this computer and a group of computers into a collection that had this advertisement assigned to it.


 Thank you for reading


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