How to determine which version of TMG 2010 is installed

Last week Tarek Majdalani, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, posted an article about identifying which version of TMG 2010 is installed – RTM, Service Pack 1 or Update 1 to Service Pack 1.

The article is available on the TechNet Wiki site here.

If you are wondering what version you have installed on your server, this article has all the information you need.

Written by Gabriel Koren

Comments (3)

  1. Rich Kusak says:

    Here's a quick adhoc PS script to determine the TMG version.

    # Get-TmgVersion


    param ()

    begin {

    $verTable = @{

           '7.0.7734.100' = 'TMG 2010 RTM'

               '7.0.8108.200' = 'TMG 2010 SP1'

               '7.0.9027.400' = 'TMG 2010 SP1 Update1'



    process {

    $tmgRoot = New-Object -ComObject FPC.Root

    $tmgServer = $tmgRoot.GetContainingServer()

    $version = $tmgServer.ProductVersion

    $tmgServer | Select @{name='ComputerName' ; expression={$tmgServer.Name}},

    @{name='ProductName' ; expression={$verTable.$version}},



  2. Matthew Cowley says:

    Why can't Microsoft make it simple, like clicking help -> about?

  3. Bob Hodges says:

    They did make it possible to find without a script.  Go into the console, and click on "System" in the left menu.  You'll see your server listed on the right.  Double click on your server for detailed information, including version.  Hope this helps.

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