Forefront TMG/UAG Help Wanted at Microsoft in Stockholm

The Microsoft TMG/UAG Server support team in Stockholm is looking to hire a Full Time Employee. If you’d be interested to come and work with us and learn more about TMG/UAG internals than you probably would anywhere else in the world (apart from Redmond maybe), then this might be the job for you.

Although you’ll get some training and access to innumerable amounts of internal only documentation, we’re looking for someone very experienced who can hit the ground running and could be expected to work the majority of our easier support cases without too much assistance. Therefore you’d need a minimum of 5 years’ experience (preferably more) working with ISA/TMG/UAG Server day to day in an administrative capacity (probably as a production administrator or developer ). Specialties of particular interest to us would be:

Setup / configuration / migration

Administration of ISA/TMG and ideally IAG/UAG

Good Network skills like reading network traces and such

Crashes, Hangs and Unexpected behavior

Beyond that if you have experience of other Microsoft server products (Windows, SharePoint, Exchange), windbg, c# or c++, it won’t do you any harm.

If you think you’d be interested, please send a brief summary of your experience and a CV in an email to the manager in Stockholm, Rolf Henningson. His email is rolfhe(at)
Note:  You need to be resident in Sweden (Swedish language or other Nordic languages would be of use, but are not essential) and available to work full time in Kista / Akalla.

Comments (2)

  1. GIRAUD Alexandre [MVP Forefront] says:

    Argh… unfortunately I'm not resident in sweden, sniff … 😉



  2. Diego says:

    I don't resides in Sweden either, but if you don't find anybody, I'm open for a relocation offer, I will be more than happy on changin New Jersey for Stockholm.


    Diego (diego_pietruszka(at)

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