Update Center for Microsoft Forefront and Related Technologies

Have you ever wondered what is the latest public hotfix or update available for ISA, IAG, TMG or UAG?

Good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have launched the Update Center for Microsoft Forefront and Related Technologies where you can now go and check for the latest updates related to any forefront product. The site is located at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/forefront/ff899332.aspx and will give you information such as Product Version, Latest Service Pack, Latest Cumulative Update and General Guidance for all forefront technologies.

Mohit Saxena

Yuri Diogenes
Ophir Polotsky

Comments (8)

  1. @Liuxiang Chen – we are testing the hotfix to address this issue in our local lab, we should have it ready by next week.

  2. Exchange 2010 SP1 breaks integration between E14 and TMG 2010, the quick question is, when is the expected release date for hotfix for fixing thisbreak?

  3. Philipp Sand says:

    Excellent News guys! Looks like I can remove my reoccurring appointment to edit the ISA/TMG Build numbers article now 😉

  4. Jon says:

    Any news on the release date for the Exchange 2010 SP1 + TMG hotfix? Thanks.

  5. -DC- says:

    I checked this page, however I thought the latest patch for TMG was TMG-KB2288910-amd64-ENU this page does not reflect that information

  6. AF says:

    Forefront TMG Software Update 1 (7.0.9027.400) is not presen …

  7. Sulaiman says:

    be informed that SP2 for TMG is released at


    as this Update Center site is not updated , maybe they forget !!!!!

  8. Arturs says:

    This site are not up to date. Somebody update them?

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