Announcing the availability of the new MRS (V1.1) release

The Forefront TMG team is proud to announce the release of MRS (V1.1) including the following key features:

Portal update

Other than those visible enhancements, this new version of the online service includes

  • Delivery Service performance improvements
  • Data processing performance improvements – new/changed URL classifications made available to customers faster

Portal User Experience

We have improved the submission experience, making it clearer that your feedback has been received, and noting that the classifications displayed on the Feedback and Error Reporting site may not change for some time as we analyze submissions.


There are several changes in the MRS Feedback and Error Reporting web portal. The site now supports both visual and audio HIP (Human Interaction Proof) challenges.

MRS Service Improvements

To ensure a seamless and consistent user experience as more and more customers deploy Forefront TMG and leverage its URL filtering functionality, we have more than tripled MRS service capacity in the 1.1 release. We also improved our systems to ensure less downtime. Performance improvements in our data processing pipeline mean that changes in URL classifications will reach customers faster.


We have also added a category definition page to make it easier to both interpret the current MRS classification and to choose the classification you feel best fits the site being reported.



As always, we appreciate feedback about your experience with the web site and encourage you to use the MRS Portal Feedback link to let us know what you think!

Adam Landefeld, Sr. Development Lead, Protection Team

Stanislav Galpert, SDE, Anywhere Access Team    
Gabriel Koren, Anywhere Access Test Team
Meir Feinberg, Technical Writer, Anywhere Access Team

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