Tuning the ISP link availability testing

Here is an example script snippet that demonstrates how to use the Forefront TMG admin COM to configure the ISP link test intervals and how many failures/successes determine whether a link is unavailable or available. All intervals are in seconds.

' Getting the ISP Redundancy configuration object
set root=CreateObject("FPC.Root")
set arr=root.GetContainingArray()
set ExtNet=arr.NetworkConfiguration.Networks("External")
set ISPRCfg=ExtNet.ISPRedundancyConfig

' Setting interval between tests when link is available
ISPRCfg.TestIntervalLinkAvailable = 120

' Setting interval between tests when link is unavailable
ISPRCfg.TestIntervalLinkUnavailable = 360

' Setting number of test failures until link detected as unavailable
ISPRCfg.FailuresToUnavailable = 5

' Setting number of test successes until link detected as available
ISPRCfg.SuccessesToAvailable = 7


You can download the Forefront TMG SDK here.


Evgeny Katz, Forefront TMG Team

Nathan Bigman, Information Experience Team



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