Forefront TMG 2010 documentation now available on TechNet

Forefront TMG 2010 TechNet documentation is now live with Forefront TMG Release to Web content. This release of the documentation culminates a customer- and solutions-focused effort undertaken by the Forefront TMG User Assistance team since the release of ISA Server 2006, resulting in a new content structure, new content, and the streamlining of previously-available content.

New structure

The new content structure focuses on Forefront TMG’s core value to your business: protecting IT environments from Internet-based threats, while providing both internal and remote users fast and secure access to the Internet and to internal applications and data. The Planning and Design, Deployment, and Operations guides are synched to guide the Forefront TMG administrator through system deployment in various topologies, enabling access through Forefront TMG, and setting up the protection of organizational resources from Internet-based threats.

Solution guides

We are proud to publish the first solution guides in a planned series of guides, aimed at walking Forefront TMG administrators through end-to-end Forefront TMG solutions:

· Secure Web Gateway solution guide—A secure Web gateway allows business employees to safely and productively use the Internet for business without worrying about malware and other threats. It provides multiple layers of continuously updated protections that are integrated into a unified, easy-to-manage gateway, reducing the cost and complexity of Web security. The secure Web gateway solution guide is intended to help administrators plan, deploy, and maintain a Forefront TMG secure Web gateway, according to the requirements of their organization and the specific design that they want to create.

· Interoperability with BranchCache solution guide—Addresses the interoperability of Forefront TMG and BranchCache, a feature of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, that enables Web content on a wide area network (WAN) to be cached on computers at a local branch office, thus improving application response time and reducing WAN traffic.

New content

As with every major documentation release, the new content addresses the product’s new features:

· Web anti-malware

· URL filtering

· E-mail protection

· HTTPS inspection

· Network Inspection System (NIS)

· Enhanced Network Address Translation (NAT)

· Enhanced Voice over IP support

· Windows Server 2008 with 64-bit support

In addition, the content includes the following documents:

· Troubleshooting the installation

· Troubleshooting HTTPS inspection

· Unsupported configurations

· Customizing HTML forms

· Customizing HTML error messages in Forefront TMG

· Upgrading from Forefront TMG evaluation to Forefront TMG RTM

· Joining a standalone server to an array in a workgroup deployment

Streamlining of available content

ISA Server has been around for a long time, and its accompanying documentation has accumulated into a comprehensive yet somehow exhausting content-set. When faced with the challenge of updating the ISA Server content to Forefront TMG, we decided to take the long route and determine the scope of the content based on user needs, rather than simply update the existing ISA Server content. We started off by creating a completely new Table of Contents, based on extensive product group, customer support, and field feedback and requirements. Only then did we dive into the actual writing, leveraging valuable existing content and adding new content, as required. This process resulted in content that we believe is more easily discoverable and manageable by our target users. Be sure to tell us how you like this new experience!

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on new content.

Enjoy the ride!

The Forefront TMG User Assistance team

Rachel Aldam, Technical Writer

David Strausberg, Technical Writer
Meir Feinberg, Technical Writer
Michelle Friedmann, Technical Editor

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