Announcing Discontinuation of URL Filtering for Forefront TMG Beta 3 Customers (only)

We've had a tremendous response to our URL filtering feature so far and we wanted to thank all of our TAP, Beta and early adopting customers who have provided valuable feedback over the past year. 

In anticipation of the Forefront TMG 2010 worldwide launch, all Microsoft Reputation Service (MRS) servers have been upgraded from Beta 3 to RTM to provide the best possible user experience we can provide.  We encourage everyone to continue using the URL filtering feature by upgrading to the RTM version of Forefront TMG 2010. 

Note that customers running Forefront TMG 2010 RC and RTM are unaffected by this change, and continue to receive URL filtering categorization from MRS.

Comments (2)

  1. As with accessing any Internet content, you might want to verify that name  resolution and basic connectivity are working for you.

    Not trying to say that the MRS service can’t see problems (witness the B3 flail), but it’s not always the service that’s broken.

    The TMG logs (and WinHTTP tracing) will help a great deal in sorting out the difference between MRS and connectivity problems.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A few points about the URL filtering…. latency in browsing caused by MRS queries are something I highly recommend MS address. You have a fantastic concept here in integrating URL filtering within the ISA rule base, and I only hope it’s not ruined by latency. Bring as much of the URL DB as close to ISA as you can. Increase the URL caching TTLs – the vast majority of URL categorisation is static. Even do what many vendors do and run scheduled complete DB downloads to ISA. Please please please avoid MRS query latency interferring with a great solution. Thanks

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