Introducing the Forefront Experts Blog

Hello Community:

I have not been posting as much directly here on the technical blog as the rest of the team.  I hope you are enjoying the wave of technical content that is now coming out about the upcoming TMG release.  This was based on direct feedback and in response to your demand.  Let us know what you want to hear and we will strive to deliver.

My real goal today is to introduce the Forefront Experts blog which is part of the Because it’s everybody’s business campaign.   I am one of the featured bloggers on the Forefront Experts blog and I will be sharing some more of the business aspects of our story there. 

I welcome you to check it out and getting more of a business context to our solution as we get closer to the release.  And yes, our release candidate is right around the corner.  Stay tuned here for an announcement when it goes public.


David B. Cross

Product Unit Manager



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