Announcing the Availability of Forefront TMG Beta 3 Tools & SDK

We are pleased to announce that the next version of the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway tools and software development kit (SDK), has been released and it is now publicly available here.


This release includes administration and developer tools. The SDK for Beta 3 includes new capabilities such as:


·         Network Inspection System – we’ve added new structures, enumerations and log fields. For example, the FPCIPSSignature object represents a single intrusion prevention system signature. With it you can get the signature information, whether it is enabled or not.

·         Malware inspection APIs – TMG’s malware inspection APIs allow you to manage the behavior of the feature. For example, using the FPCMalwareInspectionProperties object you can define the malware inspection settings for a policy rule.

·         Definition updates for protection mechanisms – using the new API you can manage schedules, settings and additional information regarding the updates TMG receives. For example, using the FPCUpdateCenter object you can gain access to the services, schedules, and settings related to the update center.

·         Improved custom report design – TMG introduces new reporting capabilities called Dynamic Reporting. Using this feature you can create new reports and add them to TMG’s standard reporting. In the SDK we introduce new API calls that support this. For example, the FPCRdlReportDefinition object represents a Report Definition Language (RDL) report definition. With this object you can update the query used in a report, get/set the report definition and more.

·         New administration COM elements and much more.


The documentation for the SDK is not final and we will update it within several months. We also expect to provide new code samples at that time. The release of the updated SDK will be announced on Forefront TMG blog.


Noam Ilovich

Vivian Levin

Forefront TMG Program Management team

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