Forefront TMG Beta 2: SDK Available

Hi ISA/TMG Community:

I thought I would drop a quick note to the community and let everyone know that the SDK for TMG is already available on MSDN.  We have recently been receiving a number of queries from partners and potential new ISVs who want to start to build upon TMG for value-add solutions and scenarios.  The positive news is that despite how much TMG is a really new product line, all the popular interfaces and COM objects from ISA are still available.  To see some of the new TMG extensibility additions, check out what's new in TMG page on MSDN. 

Looking forward, we expect one of the most popular extensibility areas will be that the new reports and reporting capabilities of TMG that are built on SQL Reporting Services.  We look forward to hearing what type of extensibility and new reports that are valuable to your environments.


David B. Cross

Product Unit Manager

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