Change Tracking – Other Uses

One of the unexpected uses I've found for Change Tracking is to learn how UI changes are translated to COM-level changes. For example, how is this radio button stored?

Let's enable Change Tracking, make some changes and try:

Policy Rule [PubExch] [PublishedServerType] changed from [fpcWebServerThruHTTP] to [fpcWebServerThruBothHTTPAndSSL]

Ah. All we need it to search for the property PublishedServerType, and there's our answer.


Another use is to find out what changes are made to ISA configuration outside the UI. For example, what does ISA setup, and specifically SP1 setup, do?

To check:
1. Install an ISA CSS
2. Enable Change Tracking on the Enterprise, apply.
3. Install an ISA Server, using a an ISA CD with SP1 integrated to it (See Administrative Installation section in KB885957).
3. Look at Change Tracking log of the new array:


You see several entries made by msiexec.exe (which is the process which runs ISA setup). You see that it makes some changes to logs and computer sets. You also see the new events and alerts added in SP1, and a new UUID added to the Exchange RPC Server protocol.

You can use the same technique to see what your 3rd-party add-on keeps in the ISA storage!


-Jonathan Barner, ISA Sustained Engineering Team

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